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Friday, November 10, 2017

Lets not forget these

    • Algorithms are a step by step list of instructions designed to address a problem.
    • Interpreter interpreters a high level programming language. A python interpreter does it line by line. It interpretes the high level programming language to a machine or object language so that the machine executes it.
    • Compiler translates a program completely before the program starts running.
      So an interpreter does the translation bit by bit (one line at a time) where as the compiler does it completely before the program even executes.
    • Program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer.
    • Bugs are programming errors
    • Debugging is the process of tracking and correcting bugs.
    • Syntax is the structure or grammar of a program
    • Syntax errors structural defects in the code. (missing colon, comma or incorrect indentation)
    • Runtime errors (exception) structural defects in the code which can only be identified during runtime. These are more of a logical fallacy than structural fallacy.
    • Semantic errors are those where a program does something other than the reason for its creation. ex:  a program should produce the addition of 2 numbers but it produces the multiplication of 2 numbers. 
    • source code is any collection of computer instructions written in a human readable programming language.
    • object code (executable) is a sequence of statements or instructions in a computer language, usually a machine code language (ex: binary - zeros and ones). This is how a computer or machine understands. Basically 
    • Byte code is an intermediate language between source and object code.
      The code or lines of code that you typed is source code. Then a compiler or assembler converts it into a byte code before converting it into object code which can then be fed to the machine.
    • Operators are special tokens that represent mathematical functions such as addition (+), multiplication (*).
      In the above line 1, 2 are operands. + symbol is the operator.