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Monday, October 22, 2012

p2v VMs report high cpu usage

issue: a normal virtual machine with no high resource hungry application is reporting high cpu usage with alarms, performance charts of the vcenter show the same high cpu usage, the task manager of the virtual machine shows very high cpu usage too.

cause and resolutioin: This was a p2v virtual machine from a hp proliant server. When checked in the task manager under processes the high cpu using program was cqmgserv.exe which belongs to hp insight agent.
uninstall all the hp or hardware specific applications/drivers from the VM from the control manager.
Issue Resolved.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"331FLR is an unknown device" DL360 Gen8 and DL380 Gen8

customer who is trying to certify VMware ESX4.1U2 on the DL360 Gen8 and DL380 Gen8.  They seem to be using the correct driver but the service console command “lspci” is showing the 331FLR is an unknown device.  They are able to PXE boot off the NIC and it seems to be working normally, but they wanted some investigating.

They have tested with both VMware’s build and the HP ESX built and received same result in both cases


lscpi compares the pci id’s against an internal “database” to determine the information to display.  For newer devices, the only way to get an update is for VMware to provide updated info for the “database”.  These updates are provided with ESXi updates or new releases (e.g. 5.1 U1, 4.1 U3).  There is no impact to functionality, this is purely a reporting issue. 
“esxcfg-nics –l” should report the appropriate model.
Once the hosts are updated with the new databases through vmware patching or updates it should show up properly with the lspci command too. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HP VMware Image Vs VMware ESXi Image

The HP image starts with the VMware image and adds the following items to it:
-          Drivers required for HP servers (fully certified and supported by VMware)
-          Management components (providers…)
-          Utilities (ACUCLI, Conrep…)

For a specific list look at and click on the custom image contents link. That will list out everything that HP has included in specific custom images.

There are certain servers (all Gen8 servers) that require custom images for 5.0 and some for 5.1. The HP HCL documents those cases.

As a reminder, the custom images are certified and supported by HP and VMware
courtesy : colleague