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Friday, October 14, 2011

How to know whether the installed ESXi is an hp image or a vmware image?

Issue: Client needed to know whether the installed vmware esxi 4.x/5.x is an hp image or a vmware image.
Resolution: From the ilo or through an ssh session please run  (the below is an undocumented command)
esxupdate --vib-view query | grep hp
rpm_hp-smh-templates_8.2.5-51@noarch installed 2009-07-13T10:07:01.211124-07:00
rpm_hp-snmp-agents_8.2.5-50.vmware4x@x86_64 installed 2009-07-13T10:07:01.141505-07:00
cross_hpilo_400. retired 2009-07-13T10:07:01.275159-07:00
rpm_vmware-esx-drivers-scsi-hpsa_400. retired 2009-09-26T22:04:40.219785-07:00
rpm_vmware-esx-drivers-scsi-hpsa_400. installed 2009-11-27T10:40:13.064463-08:00
rpm_hpsmh_3.0.1-73@x86_64 installed 2009-07-13T10:07:01.490639-07:00
rpm_hp-health_8.2.5-50.vmware4x@x86_64 installed 2009-07-13T10:07:01.224935-07:00
rpm_hp-agents-config_8.2.5-24@noarch installed 2009-07-13T10:07:01.148444-07:00

which will list the installed hp vibs and thus you can identify whether it is an hp custom image or is it a vmware image.
~ # esxcli software vib list |grep Hewlett-Packard
char-hpcru           Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
char-hpilo            500.     Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hp-esx-license        1.0-03                              Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hp-smx-provider       500.              Hewlett-Packard     VMwareAccepted    2011-04-16 
hpbootcfg             01-00.10                            Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hponcfg               03-02.04                            Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 

While the above method is a little unreliable since it will give the same result for a VMware image if the offline bundle from HP is installed.
You could also check in vCenter for the vCenter>summary>image profile

alternatively you can also check

 another option for esxi 5.x
access the esxi 5.x host via a web browser by using its ip.
look below the vSphere Documentation hyperlink and you should see something like this
"You are running HP Customized Image ESXi 5.x.x version x.xx.xx based on ESXi 5.x.x Vmkernel Release Build xxxxxx"
(where x is a variable) if it is an hp image and if it is not an hp image but a plain vmware image then the "HP Customized Image" will be missing from the above line.