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Friday, March 29, 2013

How do I remember the color coding of cables T568A and T568B

I just remember it as "GO BOB"
  • always there are 2 cables with same color as pack but the 1st one is with white stripes. So i remember it only as a pack.
  • if there are 2 letters which are repeated between 2 words ("O" is repeated in the 2 words go bob) that means 2 pairs of cable are separately present at that place.
  • any letter with a space before it has a reversed pairing of its colored cable. here B(lue) has a space before it meaning the blue colored cable appears 1st and then the striped blue after it instead of the other way around.
I just remember it as "GO BOB exchange O&G" here O&G sounds similar to omg. so, GO BOB-->OG BGB
Silly but this is how my brain likes it. ;)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

VMware iSCSI port Binding grayed out

Issue: It is a 2 nic vswitch where iscsi port binding is disabled at the vswitch properties.
cause: One of the 2 nics was down and the 1st nic which is up was assigned to management network.
Workaround: By removing the nic which was down the vmware was forced to use the existing 1 nic for port binding and the iscsi port binding was no more grayed out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

VSA Manager Failed login due to bad username and password

Issue: VSA ovf has been imported and in the VSA appliance the user has logged in but during the windows installation of VSA manager it throws an error saying
"failed login due to a bad username or password" without asking for any username or password.
Workaround: Login with a local admin account and proceed with the installation.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Insight Control for vCenter v7.1 - This program cannot display the webpage

Windows 2008 R2
vCenter 5.1 build 947673
HP 7.1 insight Control installed for vCenter.

The HP Insight Management Tab is listed within vCenter but with an error
“navigation to the webpage was canceled" upon hitting refresh it errors our again

“This Program cannot display the webpage”.

Cause: Disabling the proxy resolves the issue temporarily.

use the fully qualified domain name of your host. The name you need to add can be located in the following file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Insight Control for vCenter\uim\config.json

This file starts with an entry like this:
  "private_config" : {
    "web_roots" : {
"uim_root" : "",

The name which has highlighted needs to either be configured in your proxy or specified as an exception in Internet explorer as shown below:

in short add the full fqdn as an exception in the IE and you are done.