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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Windows bluetooth crackling sound [cause, solution]

 So I had/have this issue with windows where bluetooth speakers start producing cracklintg/cracking sound for no reason. scraping the internet yielded no solution. Windows troubleshooter has solved no problem in all these years and that stays the same today. Here are the details:

Type of PC: laptop

make: 2023

Ram: 32GB

GPU: Integrated RTX4080

OEM: Asus


Wireless I/O devices:

  1. keychron k2 wireless keyboard (bluetooth)
  2. logitech m720 mouse (bluetooth)
  3. logitech g pro mouse  (2.4ghz unifying logi dongle, not bluetooth)
  4. harmon kardon aura studio 3 (bluetooth)

What didnt work?

  1. windows inbuilt troubleshooter
  2. driver update
  3. driver reinstall
  4. reinstall OS
  5. Unpair all bluetooth devices, uninstall, pair them again, update their drivers (via windows udpate driver)
  6. External USB bluetooth 5.0 dongle
What worked?
  1. Except bluetooth speaker and bluetooth keyboard, dont use any more bluetooth devices
Theoretically bluetooth supports 6 to 7 bluetooth devices but in practice due to bandwidth throtting by OEMs & bandwidth limitation of the BT technology, if BT speakers are used, then use just 1 more BT device and not anymore.
So currently the 2 mice that I have from logitech, they both come with their proprietory dongle to connect with, it takes up 2 more USB ports on the laptop (So I bought a docking station) but at least it is headache free.
Suggestions to OEMs:
1. Make multi device bluetooth keyboards but which can be paired with mouse, so whenever I switch connection between devices, the mouse+keyboard switch together.
2. Make PC, Laptops support multiple bluetooth interfaces, just like multiple NIC/PCI/PCIe cards, and we can connect our devices to any of the BT interface in the OS.