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Monday, November 13, 2017

Add Dns entries to your DNS server

We have an amazing web portal which takes care of generating such scripts for us. We upload data to the portal and gives us scripts with values in it which we can right click and run to complete a task. Today I am going to give you a script which does the same but it takes use input in the form of csv. This is useful when the hosts are not in series or you have only few hosts to update to the dns.
It gives you a csv file.
you update the csv file.
you close the csv file.
you hit enter.
you wait.
it is done.
you can find it at my github repository.

function addDnsEntries {
    add dns entries to microsoft dns server
    This will create a csv file with the headers. Fill the details and hit enter.
    Then the script will add the dns entries.
    File Name      : addDnsEntries.ps1
    Author         : Gajendra d ambi
    updated        : November 2017
    Prerequisite   : PowerShell v4+ win7 and upper.
    Copyright      - None
    Script posted over:
Write-Host "make sure you are running it on dns server"

Write-Host "
A CSV file will be opened (open in excel/spreadsheet)
populate the values,
save & close the file,
Hit Enter to proceed
" -ForegroundColor Blue -BackgroundColor White
$csv = "$PSScriptRoot/HostVds.csv"
get-process | Select-Object netbiosName,ip,zone | Export-Csv -Path $csv -Encoding ASCII -NoTypeInformation
Start-Process $csv
Read-Host "Hit Enter/Return to proceed"

$csv = Import-Csv $csv

foreach ($line in $csv) 
    {  # importing data from csv and go line by line
    $hostname = $($line.netbiosName)  
    $ip  = $($line.ip)  
    $zone  = $($
    add-dnsserverresourcerecordA -name $hostname -ipv4address $ip -zonename $zone -createptr
} addDnsEntries

Does it work?
you let me know...