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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Your daily vmware datacenter needs in one script

Dont tell me syslog, snmp, ntp aren't your some daily or atleast weekly needs for a datacenter.
I myself have come across situations where i just had to apply ntp to all the hosts or just the syslog and not everything else. some times new VMs got deployed and i had to do security hardening for those VMs and didnt want to maintain a separate script for each task. If my logic here works then i am planning to add many more such tasks and use a menu to choose which task i wanna do instead of running an entire script for all the tasks to do just one taks because i am too lazy to cut out that one task as a script or maintain separate scripts for each task.
So here you go and feast on the VIsettings script (mind you it is still in testing phase)
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