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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shutown EMC XIO with your vmware properly

So if you have an XIO app deployed in your VMware environment then i have a thought for you. Usually the proper way of shutting it down is how the man himself david ring informs here in this nice blog here
# stop-cluster-unorderly
now you wait and then

# shutdown-xms shutdown-type=machine
now the xms is shutdown.

# shutdown -h now
this will shut down. you may also use init 0.

However it is not always true because you might forget to do so and just power it off or your junior might do that.
The best way that i can think of is create an alias for shutdown commands in your XIO.
create the following aliases in the .bashrc
alias proper_init0='init o'
alias proper_shutdown='shutdown -h now'
alias proper_reboot='shutdown -r now'
you may also use the following to do the same which is even better
This will make sure every time you shut it down you shut it down right.

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