Tuesday, December 3, 2013

vmware update manager error "an internal error occured in the vsphere client. details: unable to connect to the remote server"

Issue: Unable to download and install the update manager plugin.

what worked:
uninstall the update manager,
rename the old update manager directory,
reinstall the update manager.

What didn't work:
http://IP address:9084/vci/downloads/vmware-umclient.exe is not accessible via the web browser.
replaced the fqdn in upper case with the ip address but no go.
nslookup from the vcenter server to the vcenter server works.
while trying to enable the plugin it still gives the error
"an internal error occured in the vsphere client. details: unable to connect to the remote server."
8084 and 8443 is working.
odbcad32.exe connections for the update manager are valid and tested ok.
the vcenter db was in the local vcenter VM but the update manager was in a different database.
created a new UMDB2 but no go.
pointed it back to the old original udpate manager but no go.
the connection to the database is successful.
but no go.
uninstalled the update manager and deleted the existing update manager databases and started the reinstallation of the vmware update manager.