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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Basic VMware Interview Questions

I suggest you all to know what it is, not necessarily how and why about a product for a entry level vmware interview. Addition to these questions (after you have found answers and want to know more) I suggest you to go to and go through the basic vsphere and ESXi videos.

  1. what is virtualization?
  2. what is a esx or an esxi?
  3. what is a vcenter ?
  4. what is a vsphere client?
  5. what is a vsphere web client?
  6. what is ha?
  7. what is ft?
  8. what is the difference between ha and ft?
  9. what is vmotion?
  10. what is svmotion?
  11. what is hot add?
  12. what is hot plug?
  13. what is drs?
  14. what is dpm?
  15. what is EVC & its benefits?
  16. what is update manager?
  17. what is VDP?
  18. what is iscsi & scsi, whats the difference?
  19. what is raid 0/1/5/10?
  20. what is FC/FCOE?
  21. what is hba?
  22. what is a lun? 
  23. What is SR-IOV?
  24. What is NSX?
  25. what is vmware horizon view or desktop virtualization?
  26. what is vmware vcloud or cloud computing?
  27. what are the advantages of vdSwitch over standard vSwitch
  28. what is the first thing that you do when you have a host which shows up as disconnected in the vcenter server?
  29. how do you find the version of vcenter server or esxi host?
  30. how do you find the driver/firmware version of the nic/hba?
  31. how do you restart management services in esx/esxi ?
  32. how to enable/disable ha/drs/ft for a cluster?

If you come across any other then please let me know in the comment section below and I will be glad to add them here.

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