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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SRM Incident : cannot selectively recover with array based replication

Issue: there are 2 VMs.
They want to bring down 1 of the 2 VMs in production storage system and bring it up in the DR site but while doing so it throws an error.
Test Recovery Plan
Virtual machines [data.vmN-ame] that are not protected by this protection group use datastores [data.dsNa-me] that are in this protection group. <xxxx>\yyy>

T/S : checked the recovery group configuration and it seems okay.
Array based replication works for all the VMs in that array but not selectively for few VMs where they want to recovery only few of the VMs of the array excluding the others.
Currently we can either recover all the VMs in that array or none
Resolution: the error what he was getting was indicating that the hard disk 2 of the VM being recovered on the local storage is missing. Hence the only way was to either remove the vmdk from the vm or move the vm out of the datastore.

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