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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Should you get VMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop (VCP5-DT)

Recently I got my VMware VCP 5 - DT and I think I should share what path one must take to get it. without further delay lets get on with the way to answer those 85 questions.

1. Know What you need to study

Get the VMware VCP5 - DT blueprint and download all the pdfs which are in that blueprint which will let you know what version of vmware view are you concentrating on for the exam.

2. Training Videos

A) Quality comes at a costUsually train signal has done a great job when it comes to training videos on the subject of vmware but for this it seems they have not kept their own standards. I have been told that the trainers fail to keep you interested in the subject especially if you don't like to see (or hear) your trainer yawn a few times during your training.
I highly recommend Mastering VMware View 5 and Preparing for the VCP510-DT Exam
by Greg Shields who is known for his very famous training videos for his networking certification videos (CCNA, CCNP etc.,) under cbtnuggets. The videos are presented in a very lively manner by gregg shields and especially for someone with a very short span of focus like me it greatly helped.

B)  Quality comes for free toowatch
What is Desktop Virtualization and VDI?

Make sure you watch and go through all these videos too on youtube. I recommend you to rather download them using a Video DownloadHelper addon in firefox and keep them for re view.
Deploying VMware View 5 - Part 1 Configure Active Directory and Deploy VMware Connection Server


Deploying VMware View 5 - Part 2 Configure Windows 7 to be a VMware View Desktop
Deploying VMware View 5 - Part 3 Creating a 'Manual Pool' and Connecting a View Client
Deploying VMware View 5 -Part 4 Installing and Configuring SQL 2008 R2 and VMware Composer
Deploying VMware View 5 - Part 5 Deploying Linked Clone View Desktops

 Now you are not done yet. Go to youtube and search exactly for these keywords "vmware view 5 vmworld" and under filters choose 20 minutes to show videos which are more than 20 minutes. Make sure you watch all these vmworld videos which are nearly an hour and they are worth it.
Once you are done doing all these you are ready to write the exam but if you want to excel in it then you might want to search for a many different vce files on the net as you can for vmware vcp 5 dt exam and understand each question and the answers for it. After this you can finish the exam in less than an hour even though it is meant for 90 minutes (i guess 20 minutes extra for those whose native language isnt english). You might wonder why I have not mentioned about going through the admin and user guides for vmware view 5.1 ! but hey after this you might not feel the need of it but if you do then its a great bonus for you.

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