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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HTC Desire HD will not sync or detect the HTC Sync software (Resolved)

Scenario: The issue is common to many of the HTC mobile phones. I have a HTC Desire HD. I have installed latest HTC Desire Sync software from their website. When the phone is connected in front USB ports it will not get detected or the HTC Sync software says that no device connected. If connected to the USB ports at the back of the computer it will get detected but the internet passthrough (using the PC internet on phone) and USB Tethering (using the phone's internet on PC) will not work. rest of the options work fine.

Issues : Unable to use the phone as modem for internet (usb tethering)
Unable to PC internet on HTC Desire HD
Unable to sync HTC Desire HD
Unable to detect the HTC Desire HD
PC and/or HTC Sync software is not detecting the HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD is not detecting the HTC Sync software or the amd.exe in your computer.

Configuration: Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows Security Essential, HTC Sync Software

Causes: If HTC Sync software that you have downloaded and the HTC Desire Sync that you have purchased are not from the same country then you will face this problem.
I have purchased the handset in india and i have to go to and download the software and then only it will work since the unique IMEI number embedded in the handset determines the country.
If you have downloaded the software from a different country website of HTC (using a proxy, or at the office VPN network) then it will install the driver meant for that country's IMEI numbered handsets which conflicts with your handset.
Resolution: Uninstall the existing HTC Sync software
Uninstall the existing HTC BMP USB driver
Uninstall the existing HTC Driver
Completely disable the antivirus or the security software in your computer by either
***start>run>msconfig>general>selective start up>services tab>hide all microsoft services>start up>uncheck your security softwares or antivirus softwares.
Turn off the security software till you install the HTC Sync by going to settings.
Turn off real time protection from your security softwares by going to the settings
Disconnect your existing internet connection and/or disable it.
Disconnect all mobile devices including HTC Desire HD.
Install the HTC Sync software(which includes the USB DMP Driver and the HTC Driver )that you have downloaded from same country's website of HTC where you have bought the handset. (ask the HTC tech support if you are not sure which country your HTC handset's IMEI number belongs to!)
Now connect your HTC Handset to the front/back USB port and a menu will pop for you to choose the way the HTC Handset to be used as, choose anything and all the options should work.

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