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Saturday, February 12, 2011

ESX 4 No COS Swap Configured

Issue: When customer rebooted the hosts after an HP P400i SAN upgrade he saw a red message on the welcome screen
0:00:02:10.526 cpu0:4096)No COS Swap Configured.
Customer was also unable to power on the virtual machines due an error "insufficient resources"

This is a known issue with ESX 4 Update 1 but it can happen to other versions as well.
What worked :
blkid | grep swap
/dev/sdX: TYPE="swap" UUID="a.....1.....z"
where X is the device identifier.
swapon /dev/sdbX
nano /etc/fstab and update the UUID of the swap from the output of blkid | grep swap
reboot the host with
shutdown -r now
and there was no error and cu was able to power on the virtual machines.
The solution given from the is very sloppy and confusing.
What Helped:

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