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Thursday, January 20, 2011

LUN not visible/VMKPing not working but ping works just fine on ESX 4.x

Scenario : The server and the storage are in 2 different locations. The service console is in a different network and the vmkernel is in a different network for SCSI drives.
Setup: HP Blades, iSCSI, EVA, Virtual Connect, ESX 4.1, vCenter 4.1, Left Hand Networks [LHN].
Issue: Customer has created a new lun and presented it to the host.
host is not seeing the lun under storage or storage adapters.
Customer is able to ping the lun but unable to vmkping the lun.
Resolution: The customer was using virtual connect and it was configured to interact with only LAN A and the host was in LAN B. Customer changed the setting in virtual connect to allow LAN B too and it got resolved.

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