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Saturday, January 8, 2011

ESXi 4.1 or 4.x not detecting HP NC365T PCIe NIC

Issue: Installed the ESXi 4.1 and while installing it on DL 380 G7 and you did not get any prompt to install the custom drivers.
The onboard Nics are detected and working properly.
In the bios the PCIe are enabled.
Hardware: DL 380 G7 and HP NC365T PCIe NIC
Resolution: Checked the
and found that the NIC is actually a Intel 82580 MAC.
Download the following driver from vmware
Copy or move the package/bundle from the downloaded content to the host in question.
using the cd command go to the directory where you have copied the *.zip bundle.
Put the host in maintenance mode.
Run the command
esxupdate --bundle update
It will ask you to reboot, so reboot the host with the vSphere client or through command line.
Exit maintenance mode.
Now you should be able to see the Nic in question.

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  1. the latest driver