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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

getting started with terraform

So the terraform installation instructions on their site are not straight forward. Here how I did it
Linux (VM) : CentOS 6

Download the binaries

yum install -y zip unzip # install zip,unzip if not already present
unzip terraform_*.* # unzip terraform and cd into the zipped directory
echo $PATH # list the runtime path
mv terraform /usr/local/bin/ # move the terraform binary file to the runtime path
terraform -v # check the version of the terraform


  • Download from
  • unzip it.
  • create a terraform directory directly under C:/
  • then move the terraform.exe to the C:/terraform
  • launch our good old command window and run 'set PATH=%PATH%;C:\terraform'
  • Since we want it to be accessible via powershell to, go to environment variables and add the 'C:\terraform' to your PATH.
  • Run terraform -v
good luck.

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