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Friday, March 30, 2018

Common Intelligence (sense) Vs Artificial Intelligence

Recently I have started to realize that companies like google, amazon, microsoft who are betting on AI are ignoring common sense and common intelligence over AI. I have just aggregated a very few points to back my statement.
How did AWS came up? by being it's own guinea pig, by solving their own problem and later offering that solution to others who might need it. How did google came up? Some geeks wanted to solve their problem of indexing and searching content online and then later they offered it to others too. How did Microsoft came up? Well I can go on and on. When companies get big they start ignoring problems or areas of improvement not because they are insignificant but they are too big or on the top most floor to see what is on the ground. They have reached the eagle's height but an eagle can see a snake or rat crawling through the rocks but humans don't. Okay let me list out why I think companies are neglecting common sense/intelligence over AI and AI will take ages to even recognize the things that I am going to mention as problems before it can solve them.

  1. Google latest, greatest pixel 2 xl takes few MINUTES to connect to my bose bluetooth device because it is 4th in the list of 5 devices which are listed under the recently connected (but not present) devices. So android tries to connect first to the most often connected that is my 2nd device in the list (sony wh1000xm2). So I have to manually select the device and even that sums up to a minute or more. The great part is they don't have a headphone jack. When you are trying to replace product A with product B (in this case wired audio devices with wireless) then B should be as good as A and more and only then you should replace it. An audio jack takes seconds for me to  get the audio out but an advanced bluetooth (latest bluetooth version too) takes minutes for me to enjoy the music.
    Anyone with common sense and some coding skills could change this. If an iphone costing 1/3rd of the latest google android can do it then why not google?
  2. None of my (bluetooth) devices which are paired to microsoft windows 10 (laptop and desktop) will not work with any other device unless I manually remove them from windows 10 first or go out of range from these windows 10 devices.
    Once again high marks to apple mac OS for not being jerk in this regard.
    It seems google and microsoft wants us to buy multiple bluetooth/wireless earphones/headphones and use them exclusively with just one device only.
  3. When I do control+F to find a string in excel or word or any other office document it is a common sense that the search window should not block/hide the search result. 
  4. When I do ctrl+F to search something on multi monitor setup the search window appears on the 3rd monitor while my document is on the 1st window. How lame microsoft! come on.
  5. All of these companies have support centers where people talk to customers and solve their issues. None of them currently have bothered to use their AI/speech recognition to listen to these calls for QA. why? If they do then they can offer this solution to almost all the companies in the world who have support centers. Just let the clients store their audio files on their cloud, charge for their storage and offer free analysis.
  6. All the icons and menus are currently distributed on top and bottom for all apps and mobile OS. They want you to use both of your hands. I understand that it is a simple psychology trick. If you are using just one hand to use your iphone/android then your other hand might have something else and your attention is divided and you have only 50% chance that you might leave your phone and switch to what is there in your other hand. So force users to use 2 hands in all of the app and OS design. Why not start filling all icon and menu items from bottom up since our thumbs are at the bottom and not top.

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