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Monday, March 28, 2016

Before you install the 2nd PSC (platform service controller)

So it is not very uncommon that you have more than one psc (vsphere 6 installatioin) in your environment to have redundancy in your environment. Once you install your 1st psc you better take a snapshot before you even try to install the 2nd one in an active sync mode. If the 2nd one fails (for whatever reason) then you have to delete the 1st psc and redo the whole thing again. If you have a single psc +  a separate vcenter then you have to uninstall the vcenter and delete the 1st psc too. This is not always the case but this happens very often. Why? Well it seems when the 2nd failed psc was getting deployed it registers itself with the psc1. When you are redeploying the psc2 the psc1 will not register it again since it was registered already. There are some commandline wizardry that you can do on ps1 to unregister the failed psc and move on but it doesnt always work. S,
 as soon as your 1st psc becomes ready, take a snapshot
deploy the psc2 successfully. If the psc2 fails then revert the snapshot of the psc1 to its original state (dont delete or consolidate the snapshot yet), Try the psc2 installation again.
install the vcenter server.
If the psc1, psc2, vcenter instalation all goes fine then you may delete the snapshot taken on the psc1.
If your nslookup is working, ntp is working and if you are using the same details that you used for the psc1 to deploy the psc2 and if the psc2 is still failing then most probably this is the issue.

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