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Saturday, September 12, 2015

my journey with python

So I tried these really stupid pycharm and eclipse. May be I am too naive for them or they are just too complex to achieve a simple task. I am someone who defines tools as things which will help you complete certain tasks and get on with your life. I spent days to just setup these pycharm IDE and eclipse IDE to use python and they all seemed so dumb. I wanted to learn python and wanted pycharm or eclipse to be my tools and not get stuck with them itself and learn them how to use and spend my whole life with it. I have found geany for that matter to be very simple and clear.
I install geany and followed this
even though the above is for python 2.7, It is the same for 3.4 too. I see that kivy doesnt work with python 3.4 yet. It was a mistake for me to try to jump the hoops. I also would like to curse microsoft and windows 8 for being a pain in the neck for other programming languages as an operating system. python default GUI IDE just won't launch. Yes, I did reinstall it a billion times. Hopefully I will spend a minute per day to atleast open the geany and look at it. :D

 september 2015

It is first of all so frustrating that most of the python world is still stuck with 2.7 and not 3.4. It is a myth and a lie that most of it is already forward compatible with 3.4 since being just compatible and something that actually works exactly the way it is intended are 2 different things. It is like someone saying i have an HD screen and other one saying I have a Full HD screen on my phone. Both are HD but there is a huge difference. Both screens can display HD content and there is a huge difference.
I am still very irritated to know that microsoft powershell ISE is still the most simplest, best and efficient IDE ever. It has no bloated size or features and it follows the KISS (keep it simple & short OR keep it simple silly). 
My problems with pycharm is very basic. When I have 4 .py files open in the editor when I hit the 2 keys together (shift+f10) or alt+shift+f10 i dont want it to show me all the 20 programs and then i have to scroll down and choose the one i want to run. what a waste of time, energy and how non productive. Is it not common sense to run the file which is currently open. Microsoft figured that out and why cant you?
2nd problem is alt+shift+f10 to run the current file? really? yeah, sure you can change it but it is not so straight forward. This IDE surely wants you to run away from learning any language because the learning curve to use this IDE seems to be in par with the programming itself (yes I know i am exaggerating).
I am using geany and the only annoying problem with it is , every time you run a file or script in the python file (just f5 to run and that is awesome) it will launch the actual python black command window, runs the program, and asks you to press a key to exit. Which is again a tremendous loss of productivity if you are really into developing. You don't want a pop up , just run the damn thing just like the windows powershell ISE does. I will more than happy to pay for an IDE which is copy of powershell ISE but supports other languages.
Currently I am in search for another IDE and let us see.

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