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Thursday, May 28, 2015

NSX Certification CheatSheat

Okay the title might be misleading to some to make them think that there is some magic side track for it. No, there isn't. It is just my documented journey towards NSX-V [VMware NSX certification] which I did months ago. I advice you not to skip the steps and if you do not grasp atleast 80% of what is recommended here then do not, do not , do not proceed.

step 1: NSX Design Guide
If will introduce you to NSX terminology and tell you WHATs and WHYs about the produce and its components. It won't tell you WHY..
Please falsely convince that there is no other guide or video or material in this world other than this and grasp it like that. Then you are ready for the next step.

step 2: vBrownbag sessions on vmware nsx
These are some well known names in the virtualization world and they mean business. The guys here are doing a great job at enlightening the world about vmware and cloud.

step 3: NSX labs at VMware HOL
This is your last step and this should make you really confident. There are atleast 20 hours of lab activity and the labs are really great. please make sure to offer them feedback to improve upon it.

bonus : checkout the nsx series at

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