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Friday, June 20, 2014

migrating vcenter 5.x express DB to SQL cluster

Issue: We need to migrate the windows 2008 express edition database of the vcenter 5.1 to a remote sql cluster (cluster of 3 windows 2008 r2 sql servers).

What worked :
Backup the DB of the existing express edition db and restore it to the primary sql server using the restore from the backup and of course you can do that after you create a dummy db in the primary sql server with the same name as the original db (ex:VCDB)  and then right click on it, restore from backup and point it to the backup files of the express db. make sure you use a username with a sysadmin role.
now please use the odbc and point the sso and vcenter server to the new sql cluster ip (not individual sql servers).
this is for me to lookback and use it when i need it in future.

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