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Thursday, August 22, 2013

windows explorer causes reboot loop

Issue: I have a drive which i use to store movies that i would like to watch later. Whenever i tried to open that particular drive with the windows explorer or any drive which has video files in it the windows use to reboot.
What didnt work: System restore,
uninstallation of  most recently installed application,
driver rollback,
driver update,
display/graphics/nvidia driver update/rollback,
virus scan,
defragmentation etc.,

what worked: enable 'always show icons never thumbnails in folder options>view.
uninstalled codecs from the add/remove programs retaining only the vlc media player and the gom player along with the default windows media player.

Why? : every time i opened a directory with video files windows tried to create a preview using the codes which are installed in the system which was conflicting because gom/vlc/wmp player codecs plus the other codec pack (k-lite mega) pack that i had installed was conflicting/competing with each other to create a preview. In other words windows explorer (explorer.exe was confused about which codec should it use to create a preview of these video files.

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