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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ideal iSCSi potgroup nic teaming policy for ESXi 5.x

As we all know that in esxi 5.x we have a problem (from ages of course) that if we keep both the Nics as active active in the iscsi portgroup then it will drop packets and you might start having some problem with the storage connectivity.
The ideal workaround that i have come across myself is
1st method.
create 2 portgroups in namely iscsi1 & iscsi2 in vswitch1.
In the portgroup iscsi1 keep the vmnic1 as active, vmnic2 as unused.
In the portgroup iscsi2 keep the vmnic2 as active and vmnic1 as unsed.
optional:You can have this both the iscsi portgroups on the same or different vswitch.
2nd method.
2 iscsi portgroups with only 1vmnic per iscsi portgroup and both of them kept active.

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