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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Datastores/luns are inaccessible/inactive in Esxi

Issue: - After a power failure some of the luns/datastores are seen as inactive/inaccessible and they are grayed out.
These problematic luns aren't visible in the summary tab of the datastore section of a host but are visible under the datastore view but in a grayed out state.

What worked : Connected directly to the host via vSphere client with the root username and password, tried to add the lun keeping the same signature, right click on the host>rescan for datastores.

What didn't work: rescan all the hosts.
Unpresent the inaccessible luns.
Rescan all the hosts.
Present the luns which were unpresented earlier.
Rescan all the hosts.
Tried the above on 1 lun but no go.
In the vCenter server select the host, configuration>storage>add storage>select the problematic lun>keep the existing signature and proceed but it failed with an error.

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