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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deploy ESX host by cloning USB disk or SAN disk

To fast deploy some ESX hosts you might opt to clone the USB disk or the SD card.
If you clone the install disk you have to modify /etc/vmware/esx.conf to update the mac address of your physical nics:

Delete following lines and then reboot your ESX to get your esx.conf automatically updated with new the mac  addresses:

/net/pnic/child[0000]/mac = "00:0c:29:73:c2:ee"
/net/pnic/child[0000]/virtualMac = "00:50:56:53:c2:ee"
/net/pnic/child[0000]/name = "vmnic0"
/net/pnic/child[0002]/mac = "00:0c:29:73:c2:02"
/net/pnic/child[0002]/virtualMac = "00:50:56:53:c2:02"
/net/pnic/child[0002]/name = "vmnic2"
/net/pnic/child[0001]/mac = "00:0c:29:73:c2:f8"
/net/pnic/child[0001]/virtualMac = "00:50:56:53:c2:f8"
/net/pnic/child[0001]/name = "vmnic1"
/net/pnic/child[0003]/mac = "00:0c:29:73:c2:0c"
/net/pnic/child[0003]/virtualMac = "00:50:56:53:c2:0c"
/net/pnic/child[0003]/name = "vmnic3"

BTW I’m not sure if it is supported to deploy ESXi hosts by cloning the install disk ….but if does please leave a comment after you have tried it on your testing machine.

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