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Friday, May 4, 2012

Updating or ugprading the VMware Hosts ?, Hold on not yet !!!

Issue : Updating/upgrading the VMware hosts from update 0 to update 1/2/3/4 or to a newer build number.
Concern: To avoid the management efficiency problems I have always insisted my customers to keep the first point of management/control center to be at a higher (or at-least equal) build number or upgrade level to that of the entities that it manages/controls.
vCenter Server is the primary point of management/login (vsphere client itself is just another tool to log into the vcenter server providing us a console to work on and to log into the host directly instead of the vcenter server) and it is best to maintain its build level at a higher (or equal) level compared to the hosts in it. The vcenter server is mainly designed to manage/control the hosts of the same or lesser build number and it does so by mainly through its vcenter agents which are installed in the host when you first add the host to the vcenter server. The vCenter mainly connects to the hosts and manages them using its vpxa agent in it and the ha with aam agents but they are designed for the hosts of the same or older build number. It is always safe to update/upgrade your vcenter first and then the hosts and then the VMs.

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