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Friday, April 1, 2011

Stopping the copy paste initiated through GUI

Issue: Customer hast started a copy paste of a VM from one datastore to another using the datastore browser but it is taking too long and he wants to cancel it. customer does not have he vcenter server (standard license) and he cannot find the PID using the esxtop command in ESX.
Resolution: SSH to the ESX(i) host and run the following command from the vCLI
service mgmt-vmware stop && service mgmt-vmware-start
The above command should do the trick to stop the hung copy paste or prolongated copy paste issue.
If you have a vcenter server you can also try restarting the vcenter service in services.msc


  1. are you doing this in windows command prompt
    or in esxi? still confused..

    1. If you have a vcenter server then go to start>run>services.msc and then restart the vcenter service
      Go to your ESX(i) and run the above command.. :)