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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Online gaming is rigged against non streamers and non payers

This was my response to a reddit post by a user complaining about *Crosshairs have disappeared bug???* 

This happens to only non streamers and non payers to give them a disadvantage so that streamers and payers (spenders) get an advantage to get kills/points against you, so that they keep streaming and spending.

As someone with more than 1600+ hours on it, I have felt that the AI of the game does the following partiality to cripple non streamer, non payer gamers like me.. These are ephemeral things which are next to impossible to prove and can be claimed as just a bug...
  1. non streamers/non payers ephemerally gets their cross hair disabled
  2. non streamers/non payers are most likely get p2020 or mozambique than others when they land
  3. non streamers/non payers are most likely to get empty guns on landing if they dont get p2020 or mobambique
  4. On an average it takes 1 ring to close to get bare minimum for non streamers/non payers (small backpack, KO shield, helmet, body shield) while streamers and payers get them as soon as they land
  5. Harder to lock to target/head of enemies for non payers and non streamers
  6. non streamers/non payers are more likely to face lag and disconnection than streamers and payers
The priority of best gaming experience is following
  1. streamers
  2. payers
  3. non streamers
STREAMERS of course will and have to get the best experience since it is they who make the game famous. If streamers are not getting better kill count and score then they will not get viewership/subscribers and they may start losing subs too and hence it is in streamers best interest to stream only a game where they are good at it, and thus it is in a gaming companies best interest to give streamers the best experience and to their viewers.
Payers are the 2nd priority since they are the one who keeps the company profitable.
Non streamers are fed as fodder to streamers and payers.
In short If you are a streamer then you have at least 10% advantage and if you are non streamer/non payer then you have 10% disadvantage.
Nobody wants mozambique or p2020 but they are kept for a reason, to make it available for non streamers to cripple their game play. Before you dismiss me as conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat or whatever, just consider this, There are people who take lives for a mere 1000 bucks, commit heinous crime for a million, These games have billions of dollars riding on them. A perfect crime is one where you can never prove it and it is ephemeral where data is next to impossible to gather and prove. What can one do? Go against a billion dollar giant in court? lol. It is like going against a social media giant accusing them of trying to manipulate elections.

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