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Friday, September 28, 2012

Storage Vmotion issue on P6300 on eva 8400 using Firmware XCS 11001000

Scenario: customer is using hp p6300 iscsi with firmware 11001000 and the svmotion fails.

2012-09-04T01:30:38.234Z| Worker#0| DISKLIB-VMFS :Vmfs_MoveData : failed to move data (Device or resource busy:0x100009).
2012-09-04T01:30:38.240Z| Worker#0| DISKLIB-LIB   : DiskLibCopyDataInt: Failed to copy using vmkernel data mover; failing the copy operation. Device or resource busy
2012-09-04T01:30:38.240Z| Worker#0| DISKLIB-LIB   : DiskLibCopyDataInt failed with Device or resource busy.
2012-09-04T01:30:38.240Z| Worker#0| SVMotionMirroredMode: noticed migration failure, backing out of disk copy.
VMware HCL says that the firmware compatible is

11000000 but not 11001000 yet.
The problem turns out to be caused by an old iSCSI firmware module. This seems to be incompatible with the latest firmware  XCS 11001000.

Original version for iSCSI module was 3_2_2_6
New version is 3_2_2_9
Disable the VAAI from ESX(i) host and svmotion will work. upgrade the iscsi module, then enable the VAAI option again and the svmotion will still work.

Monday, September 10, 2012

ESXi 5.0 A specified parameter was not correct. licenseKey

Issue:- Unable to add the ESXi 5 host to vCenter 5 since while adding license it gives the error
"A specified parameter was not correct. licenseKey"
If you add the host without the license and then add the license, it gives the same error.
If the above didnt help then please Upgrade the vcenter server to the latest version since it contains a patch to fix the same.