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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

vsphere 5.x unable to re-add the physical RDM

Issue : msa storage had a disk failure and due to the that the VMware had some downtime.
After replacing the faulty disk with a new disk in the storage and physical lun cant be added to the vm as a physical RDM since it throws the error “a general system error occurred disk device path not specified for rdm backing”.
When tried to add the lun as RDM and chose a different datastore for storing the pointer file another error came out stating “add rdm cannot complete the operation due to an incorrect request to the server”

Resolution: A typical vcenter server issue where you will face problems in adding luns to hosts. connected directly to the host and tried adding it as a physical RDM again and it worked.
Issue resolved.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

VMware View Persona Update Manager stops working when quota is breached

Issue: If you have a vmware view setup and have enforce windows quota's on the persona profile share. you will notice that when a user has breached the quota of the persona management update stops working.  This means the user is unable to delete files to bring the storage size down to meet the quota.
It seems like a bug and it seems that they didnt consider or overlooked this while designing the product.

Resolution : Seems that increasing quota here is the only workaround given until fix is provided.
Currently the only workaround would be to ensure the quota is set to cater for a larger amount of files. suggesting not to use quotas and manage file capacity through other means (for example, disk alerts when it reached a certain capacity and then audits based on that by IT personnel).
In summary, if the user runs of out disk space for their persona during a session, then this will result in the persona becoming corrupt and may lose changes that they are making.
administrators should make sure that users have sufficient space for their normal needs.

Why : After you reach the quote the profiles get corrupted. The bug fix and a kb might be on the way but not sure when.