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Sunday, August 25, 2013

storage latency, performance issues in VMware after changing vcenter license

Issue:- after updating the vcenter server with standard license from evaluation mode, a high latency starts on the storage to vmware.
cause:- when u r in an evaluation mode all the enterprise plus features are applicable for ur environment but when you switch to standard license by entering the std. vcenter license the vmware will start having some issues like latency since the features which u have enabled during the evaluation period may need to be disabled manually especially VAAI.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

windows explorer causes reboot loop

Issue: I have a drive which i use to store movies that i would like to watch later. Whenever i tried to open that particular drive with the windows explorer or any drive which has video files in it the windows use to reboot.
What didnt work: System restore,
uninstallation of  most recently installed application,
driver rollback,
driver update,
display/graphics/nvidia driver update/rollback,
virus scan,
defragmentation etc.,

what worked: enable 'always show icons never thumbnails in folder options>view.
uninstalled codecs from the add/remove programs retaining only the vlc media player and the gom player along with the default windows media player.

Why? : every time i opened a directory with video files windows tried to create a preview using the codes which are installed in the system which was conflicting because gom/vlc/wmp player codecs plus the other codec pack (k-lite mega) pack that i had installed was conflicting/competing with each other to create a preview. In other words windows explorer (explorer.exe was confused about which codec should it use to create a preview of these video files.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

vCenter 5.1 service won't stay started

Issue : vCenter service won't stay started. The server logs off after some time of the reboot.
Resolution: checked the ports on vcenter server with netstat -aon | findstr <port number>
 as per vmware kb and symantec i saw that 80, 443, 8443, 9090 are common for both the vCenter server and symantec end point (SEP). uninstalled the SEP and the vCenter stayed on.

note:next time when you are troubleshooting a vcenter server login or startup issue, after verifying whether all the services are starting, go to add/remove programs of control panel, find what are the ports used/required by the non vmware programs installed in the OS, check other services from start>run>service.msc and see whether the ports are in conflict with the required ports for the vcenter server.