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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Get that damn VMware tools working on centos 7

So I have realized that even though virtualbox is more suited for devops activities like vagrant, docker, container, kubernetes etc., I still somehow like vmware workstation; may be because I just like VMware since I have doing VMware stuff from a very long time. I just liked the grouping of VMs, folder, tabs and more.
I keep hitting a small hurdle and that is getting the VMware tools installed on it. I am currently using centos for jenkins, docker, kubernetes, vagrant, openstack and more. So here is a just a reminder for the future me to just throw these lines at the terminal (preferably as a root user).

UNAME=$(uname -r)
yum install g++ gcc make kernel-headers kernel-devel-${UNAME%.*} -y

  1. Then you can just open the mounted iso in a terminal.
  2. copy the archive to a different system folder.
  3. untar it.
  4. cd into the unarchived folder.
  5. run the perl installer of vmware tools.

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