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Friday, July 28, 2017

Get the right version of vcenter and other management tools for your esxi/vsphere

Many a times i have seen few of my colleagues trying to download the new vsphere client to manage the newer version of esxi that we are shipping with our dell emc ci/hci. They google it, log into vmware, search again, match the build number and download or sometimes just use a usb pen drive to share such files. If you are in your own environment or even home lab then it is better for your own product to guide you to download the other products which are to be used with it or can be used with it.
just click on advanced and add certification.
 Once you do this,  you will be presented with the following
click on the download vsphere client for windows to install the one which for sure will work with your esxi. It won't take you to VMware site but you will get the file itself. the link below that will launch the vsphere client. Rest of the links to other products will take you to their site and they all are self explanatory.