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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MCU (Most Commonly Used) vmware commands

All you command junkies out there dont make fun of me for writing this since i am only writing this to look back to when i or someone like me need to refer it. :P

check dead paths on an esxi
esxcfg-mpath -b grep | -i dead

Please try this command to test the entire snapshot chain .. This will display any errors related to snapshot ..
Vmkfstools –t0 –v10 lastsnapshot-00000n.vmdk - This command has to be issued for each hdd of the virtual machine when you have more than one hdd per VM.
vmkfstools -q -v10 "your_disk.vmdk"
Try this command to display the CID , PID & parent file names for all the snapshots of a VM..
Change directory to the VM, then issue this command .

 telnet (alternative) in an esxi
nc -z <target ip> <port>

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