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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keep your e Device Alive and stop updating your apps

You might have wondered why does my PC or smartphone gets slow after a year or two even though its the same hardware and same OS. Re installation of the OS of the e device seems to be a temporary fix but after sometime you are still stuck with the same problem of the device or system being laggy. We should all remember that hardware is the resource and it is not actually meant for the Operating System (OS) like your android or windows OS to use it all but it is a platform on which the OS must sit be a the mediator to the applications which are installed in it and the underlying hardware resources. Most of the time the OS remains the same inspite of few updates but it is the applications which gets updated the most. If you are an android device owner then you know what I mean. Everyday a new device with more aggressive hardware comes out and the app developers want to move on and use all the resources that they can get so that they can give a better user experience. If it is a game app then more the resources > more the fun but unfortunately our hardware can't keep up with this new updated app which is designed for higher end devices (even thought it still can be installed and played but it will start to annoy you with its lagging and slow performance). It is like a Cadillac or a Range Rover running on a hyundai entry level car's engine. The vehicle will still move but its undrivable and unbearable. In other words you buy a hyundai entry level car and upgrade its body to cadillac or rangerover. So My suggestion is after a year of the purchase of your device which was released not more than an year ago you please stop updating your applications. So please dont overkill your device and stop updating apps after some time when you feel it has started lag and before you update any app make sure you check out the change log and what has it that has changed in this new version and do you really need it or can you live without it since it doesnt appeal to you.

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