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Friday, March 29, 2013

How do I remember the color coding of cables T568A and T568B

I just remember it as "GO BOB"
  • always there are 2 cables with same color as pack but the 1st one is with white stripes. So i remember it only as a pack.
  • if there are 2 letters which are repeated between 2 words ("O" is repeated in the 2 words go bob) that means 2 pairs of cable are separately present at that place.
  • any letter with a space before it has a reversed pairing of its colored cable. here B(lue) has a space before it meaning the blue colored cable appears 1st and then the striped blue after it instead of the other way around.
I just remember it as "GO BOB exchange O&G" here O&G sounds similar to omg. so, GO BOB-->OG BGB
Silly but this is how my brain likes it. ;)

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