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Thursday, May 3, 2012

ESXi 4.1 unable to change the ip in the DCUI

server : HP Blade
Issue: A new esxi 4.1 was added to the production cluster but it wont join the domain.
Management test in the DCUI fails.
Any attempt of changing the ip fails.
Solution: Install the HP version of ESXi 4.x
Cause: Drivers
What did not work :
tried updating the ip in the DCUI restarted the network services but no go.
Esxcfg-vmknic -i <ip address> -n <subnest mask> “Management Network”
but no go.
When we ping the host with the new ip address it is able to ping and when the host is shut down the ip starts pinging but in the DCUI it always shows the old ip.
Nslookup to the new ip shows up with the correct host but in the DCUI it still shows up the old ip which cant be changed.
Removed the host from the vCenter and connected to the vSphere client and the new ip is reflected in the management network portgroup.
Nslookup to the old (169.x.x.x) does not give any output.
Suggested reboot but no go.

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