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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upgrading your storage of VMware ? hold on and read this first

The best practice to remove a lun or datastore should be
1. Make sure no data is being used from the lun/datastore [migrate the running VMs to a storage which is not being upgraded or power off, if there are powered off VMs then remove them from the inventory, make sure no ISO file is mounted to any VM or host]
2.Remove/unpresent it from the host in the VMware or better unpresent these luns in the storage console to the VMware.
3.Right click on the cluster and scan for datastores[if it was presented to multiple hosts outside the cluster then right click on the datacenter and scan for datastores]
Failure to unpresent a lun or datastore properly will result in the freezing of the host sometime in the future when it goes into an endless loop since it is unable to connect to the particular lun or datastore.
suggestions are welcome
Finally VMware has an article now on this now at vmwarekb/2004605

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