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Saturday, January 8, 2011

ESXi 4.1 or 4.x not detecting HP NC522SFP PCIe NIC

Issue: You have installed or trying to install the esxi 4.x but it is not detecting the add on pcie hp nc522sfp nic card.
NC522SFP=QLogic QLE3142.
go to
which will take you to
if you are trying to install esx/esxi 4.x or already installed it.
and download the driver software according to the version of esx/esxi that you are installing.
You can use the tools provided by QLogic to update the firmware of the card but the recommended way is to follow the vmware way that is KB Article: 1019101
which is to copy the downloaded .zip file to the host using the winscp or any other such tool and then run the following command inside the directory where you copied or moved the file.
esxupdate --bundle= update

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